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Installed in more than 5 million vehicles, the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device has never been defeated!

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The Ravelco is a removable 16-pin male plug, easily mounted beneath or on the dashboard of your vehicle, that makes all electronic connections. This removable key means it will be impossible to start a vehicle. A hundred thousand different combinations and no master plug deters thieves. No Bells or Whistles . . . Just Results!

The Ravelco System delivers an unbeatable combination of solid construction, secure technology and ease of use for any type of vehicle. Car, truck , boat, whatever you’ve got with an engine..we can install the Ravelco into it.

An Anti-Theft System That Works

The Ravelco base unit is installed in or below your vehicle dash, with connections to a variety electrical components your motor needs to run (namely, the starter, fuel pump, ignition switch, various engine sensors, etc.). By pulling the plug out of the base unit, the owner will prevent the flow of electricity to those systems and render the vehicle inoperable. Wires on the rear of the unit are hidden in a armored steel cable, offering complete security of attempted bypass. The wires are all colored black to further confuse and deter would-be thieves.

The Ravelco is 100% Effective and 100% Reliable. You will have peace of mind knowing that every time you insert the Ravelco plug, the vehicle will start reliably. The Ravelco is made in the USA of the highest quality metals. A memory alloy that always retains its shape is used to makes the female pins. Ravelco Anti-Theft Systems that were installed decades ago are still working reliably today.

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The Ravelco Anti-Theft System consists of:

  • The Ravelco base unit
  • Two plugs uniquely keyed to the base unit (additional plugs can be ordered)
  • Two quick release key chains
  • Two warning stickers
  • Vehicle-specific custom installation of the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device
ravelco installed in an orange dashboard

Mounts on the Dash or Underneath It

man in car holding ravelco male plug

either way, it’s Easy to Use

The Ravelco Works With Other Security Systems

The Ravelco does not interfere with other alarms or tracking systems installed in your vehicle. No other system is affected by the installation and use of the Ravelco. Wires used by the Ravelco are entirely different from any other systems. We make our connections underneath the engine compartment while other systems connect under the dash. For owners who want to have multiple layers of protection, an alarm, anti-theft system, and/or a tracking system, the Ravelco is the perfect fit.

Lifetime Warranty

Our confidence in this product is backed by a Lifetime Warranty for the original owner.
• If the system wears out, we’ll replace it for free
• If your vehicle is involved in a theft attempt, we’ll come out and ensure your Ravelco is operating normally – at no cost
• If the unit gets damaged during an attempted theft, we’ll replace it for free